Industrial Drive Shafts


  • Outstanding performance evolved from a helicopter heritage
  • 100% fully integral carbon fiber epoxy construction. No flex element corrosion concerns
  • One piece construction. No need to re-balance - ever!
  • Lengths up to 14' (4.3m)
  • Lightest solution in the world! No more struggling with cranes. LTI shafts are typically 75% lighter than all competing technology (including those with carbon fiber spacing tubes)
  • Highly engineered solutions incorporate industry leading torque density, motion accommodation and zero-growth spacing tubes. As part of a paradigm shift in flexible drive trains LTI has incorporated a Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (CTE) close to zero such that even 14 ft long drive shafts do not unacceptably load flex elements under thermal load
  • LTI flex shafts are maintenance free and constant velocity1

The drive shaft transmits power from the output shaft of the prime mover to the input shaft of the driven machine. LTI industrial drive shafts are highly corrosion resistant, lightweight for easy installation, tolerate ambient temperatures to 275 degrees, and are well balanced for high speed operation. Transmitting full system power over significant distances LTI shafts also accommodate parallel offset of the end faces due to structural movement of the infrastructure (including thermal growth) and imperfect installation. This parallel offset or lateral deformation results in an equal and opposite bending moment / rotation in the flex elements at each end with consequential high cycle fatigue considerations. The material solution comprising LTI flex elements handles this cyclic stress better than any other material and therefore allows best-in-class motion accommodation.